Opaque Mirror

Opaque Mirror, 2017, single-channel video, 14:38 minutes.

Opaque Mirror is based on fantasies of the short time Paul Gauguin traveled to Panama. The story satirically examines the artists search for subjects, “primitive” life and racial purity as described in letters to his wife and his book Noa Noa, within a diverse Caribbean topography. Opaque Mirror, is a playful imagining of what might have been the stories of the women who were his muses

Written and Directed, Rachelle Mozman Solano. Directors of Photography: Rachelle Mozman, Victor Mares. Featuring actors: Heena Shim, Peter Endrigian, Asel Otunchieva, Narci Regina, Monika Uchiyama, Isabel Saks, Duke Williams. Production Assistants: Georgieanna Richer, Julie Sanchez. Lighting: Archibald Vienot, Alfonso Bustamente. Voice Over: Isabel Rosa, Peter Endrigian, Asel Otunchieva, Heena Shim. Music Composition: Morgan Wiley. Musicians: Morgan Wiley, Caito Sanchez. Vocals: Vinia Mujica, Isabel Saks. Post Production Sound: Morgan Wiley. Makeup: Jennifer Prosser. Art Production: Marissa Herrmann