The Dying Cavendish

The Dying Cavendish, 2017, single-channel video, 9:24 minutes.

The Dying Cavendish satirically presents the history of the United Fruit Company in Panama and their relationship to media, education and central intelligence in advancing their product, the banana. In the narrative, Minor Keith, railroad builder and founder of United Fruit Company, is reincarnated into a Cavendish banana, dying from Panama disease. He meets Flor, a woman he once knew, in a banana town caught between past and present. United Fruit, the first modern multinational company created a blueprint for the modern corporation merging big business interests with government policy. The history of United Fruit laid the foundation for current US policy in Central America, that continues to be echoed today.

Written and Directed, Rachelle Mozman Solano. Featuring actors: Peter Endrigian, Chris Haag, Alexandra Lemus, Heena Shim, Fabio Corredor, Kara Green, Tolulope. Assistant Producer: Georgieanna Richer. Lighting: Matt Devlin. Production Assistant: Cedrick Hoyt. Voice Over: Peter Endrigian, Kara Green, Heena Shim, Caito Sanchez. Music Composition: Morgan Wiley. Musicians: Morgan Wiley, Caito Sanchez. Vocals: Peter Endrigian, Chris Haag, Kara Green. Post Production Sound: Morgan Wiley. Makeup: Jennifer Prosser.